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Total WJF 4 attendees: 194 (Based upon release forms signed)



This year the WJF awarded $8650.00 in prize money. $1650.00 more than in 2006.

Juniors Girls 1st: $200.00
Juniors Girls 2nd: $125.00
Juniors Girls 3rd: $50.00

Juniors Boys 1st: $200.00
Juniors Boys 2nd: $125.00
Juniors Boys 3rd: $50.00

Intermediate Balls 1st Place: $300.00
Intermediate Clubs 1st Place: $300.00

Women’s 1st Place: $300.00

Overall Championship
1st: $4500.00
2nd: $2500.00

Competition Results

Beginners Competition

1st: Jack Denger 8.4

2nd: Joseph Jaeger 5.6

3rd: Richard Kohut 5.5

4th: Jake Lederman 5.3

WJF Junior Girls

1st: Shannon Walker 6.8

2nd: Helen Thomson 4.0

3rd: Kyla Husted 3.7

4th: Amanda Kuster 3.1


WJF Junior Boys

1st: Freddy Sheed 9.7

2nd: Emmanuël Boissé Pinard 7.5

3rd: Adrian Pole 7.3

4th: Jeremy Sacks 6.9

5th: Alex Lubker 5.3

6th: Jonathan Carlito 5.1

7th: Tim Moroney 5.0


Womens Club Division

1st: Laura Ernst 8.9

2nd: Anna Kutkiewicz 8.7

3rd: Erin Stephens 8.3

4th: Selby Shlosberg 7.1

5th: Dominique Rabideau 6.9



1st: Doug Sayers 8.9

2nd: Arash Farhang 8.5

3rd: Josh Horton 8.1



1st: Doug Sayers 9.3

2nd: Malte Peter 8.9

3rd: Josh Horton 8.4

4th: Ben Bond 8.1




1st: Thomas Dietz 9.6

2nd: Vova Galchenko 7.4



1st Thomas Dietz 9.4

2nd: Vova Galchenko 8.3

3rd: Arash Farhang 7.4



1st: Vova Galchenko 8.8

2nd: Thomas Dietz 7.9

3rd: Brett Sheets 6.7

Freestyle Competitions

5 ball

1st: Vova Galchenko with a high-low shower into a 5 up shower 360 into a high mid low shower

2nd: Thomas Dietz


6 Balls:

1st: Thomas Dietz with a B97531 into a 4 up multiplex into a high low shower

2nd: Vova Galchenko


7 Balls:

1st: Thomas Dietz with DB97531

2nd: Vova Galchenko


5 Rings:

1st: Arash Farhang with a 5 up 540

2nd: Thomas Dietz with a 6x4 5 up 720

3rd: Vova Galchenko


6 Rings:

1st: Thomas with a 6 up synch 360 into a 6 up synch 360

2nd: Arash with a 4 up asynch 540

3rd: Vova Galchenko


7 Rings:

1st: Thomas with a 5 up 360


3 Clubs

1st: Vova Galchenko with a whirlwind into body throws

2nd: Brett Sheets with a reverse shoulder throw 360

3rd: Malte Peter with reverse shoulder throws into junior back madness

4th: Thomas Dietz


4 Clubs

1st: Malte Peter with a blind catch

2nd: Vova Galchenko with a shoulder backcross combo into 4 up backcross 360

3rd: Brett Sheets with reverse shoulder throws

4th: Thomas Dietz 

5 Clubs

1st: Vova Galchenko with a 5 up 360 into a qualifying run of backcrosses

2nd: Brett Sheets with a one up 4 up 360

3rd: Thomas Dietz with a 3 up 720 into one sided flat throws

4th: Malte Peter


3 clubs

1st: Vova Galchenko with 37

2nd: Thomas Dietz with 34

3rd: Brett Sheets with 24


5 Clubs

1st: Vova Galchenko with 18

2nd: Thomas Dietz with with 11

3rd: Brett Sheets with 2


5 Balls:


1st: Thomas Dietz with 27

2nd: Vova Galchenko with 23


5 Rings

1st: Thomas Dietz with 19

2nd: Vova Galchenko with 10

3rd: Arash Farhang with 6


Isolated Endurance

7 Balls: Thomas Dietz

7 Rings: Thomas Dietz

7 Clubs: Vova Galchenko

5 Club Backcrosses: Vova Galchenko

1st: Vova Galchenko

2nd: Thomas Dietz

3rd: Doug Sayers 

Overall Championship

1st Place: Thomas Dietz 39.65

2nd Place: Vova Galchenko 36.00