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2008 Competitor Help Manual 

Uniform | Music | Routine Forms | Convention Registration | Competition Registration

Step One:
Read all of the rules on the WJF 5 Competition Rules Page thoroughly!!!

Step Two: Read and execute the following in the recommend time frame:

The following list refers to the requirements you need to meet to compete in either the Intermediate or Advanced Full Programs or the Juniors Compulsory Competition:

1. Uniform
2. Music
3. Routine Forms
4. Convention Registration
5. Competition Registration



I highly recommend you take care of this immediately if you plan on competing. This is not something competitors have had much luck with taking care of at the last minute. Also, as a trainer I recommend you have your uniform in advance so that you can include wearing your uniform in your training regimen. If you can afford it, I suggest you get a duplicate uniform as a back up, or if you plan on competing through multiple days of competitions. You may not have time or be able to find a place to wash it at the convention. Check the links on the WJF competition rules page for the correct uniform. There is a different shirt style for Juniors, Intermediates and Advanced:

Overall Championship Male Competitors (Isolated Endurance, Endurance, 360s, Freestyle, 3 Club Freestyle, Triathlon, Advanced Ball, Ring, and Club Programs:

Intermediate Male Competitors:

Women's Division, Female WJF Intermediate, Female Overall Championship, and Team Female Uniforms:



The WJF logo must be embroidered on the front left bottom of the shorts or in roughly the same position on pants. The uniform company should have our logo on file but if not, there's a link to it on the same page. I recommend you order your uniform over the phone. Here is the uniform company's contact information:

TeamSportswear Headquarters
500 Cornwall Avenue
Cheshire, CT 06410
Toll Free: 1-877-535-5646
Phone:(203) 272-4883
Fax: (203) 271-3334

To contact a helpful sales or customer service representative call:
1-877-535-5646, 9am-6:30pm EST M-F

Once you acquire your shirt and shorts, please find shoes and socks that match the same colors as the uniform. If you prefer to wear pants, please find athletic pants that are of the same or similar material as the shirt. No denim, khaki, cargo or any form of casual wear will be acceptable. No necklaces, bracelets, watches or other jewelry may be worn with your uniform. No additional visible clothing may be worn under or over your uniform.

Music and music licenses must be submitted no later than December 1st, 2008. However I recommend acquiring your music as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to practice your routine to it and to make sure you're prepared well in advance. Once you have your music, you must email the license for it and a copy of the track to WJF5@thewjf.com. Please include the name of the competitor who will be using the music and which competition they'll be using it in.

Music Use Stipulations:

All competitors must use music that they have the rights to license to the WJF for use on any broadcast medium and home video. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. It may not be enough to purchase royalty free music. In some cases, you may have the license for purchasing it but may not have the rights to transfer the license to the WJF. When inquiring about royalty free music, you need to ask the following questions:

1. If I purchase music from your company, can I transfer the rights to another person or organization?
2. If not, can I purchase music and specify an organization be the license holder of the music?
3. Does the license provide for unlimited use on any broadcast medium and/or home video?

If you or someone you know is able to compose and produce music, the composer must fill out the license agreement forms on the WJF Competition Rules page and send signed copies of both agreements to:

World Juggling Federation
PMB 195
7345 S. Durango Dr. Ste 107
Las Vegas, NV 89113-3622

Make sure to include a note that explains who the music is for and provide an email address for the competitor.

NO GARAGE BAND, SOUNDTRACK, or any other royalty free loop program may be used to create competition routine music. Music must either be purchased off of royaltyfreemusic.com, a similar royalty free music website that will allow the license of unlimited home video and broadcast use to be transferred to the WJF, or composed by a musician with the proper music license forms filled out and submitted. Music must not be one or two bars that loop for 3 minutes but must actually contain the elements present in professionally produced songs and sound like a professional piece of music. Music that does not fit this criteria may be rejected. Competitors must each provide their own music. No sharing of the same music between competitors is allowed. No music that has been used in previous years will be allowed at WJF 5.


We've negotiated a deal with royaltyfreemusic.com where WJF competitors may purchase music off of their website for use in WJF competition with a 15% discount.
Just enter the following promotional code for the discount: WJF15

Also when placing your order, enter the following in the company field: "Broadcast and replication rights transferred to: World Juggling Federation"

Make sure to order the .wav version and email the receipt and license agreement to WJF5@thewjf.com and be sure to have the music on CD when you arrive for prelims.
To avoid duplicate purchases or music that has been used in the past, we'll be updating a list of the purchased music on the WJF website. Please refer to the updated list on the WJF 5 Competition Rules page before purchasing a track.

Routine Forms

Every move and connection you plan on doing in your routine must be submitted for approval on the routine forms provided on the WJF website. This is something I recommend completing by October 1st. When preparing a competition routine, I strongly advise the routine be ready two months before the competition. You then have two months to drill it, refine it, and perform it. All of these things will increase your confidence and decrease the role nerves will play in your execution. Submitting your routine by October 1st will also result in a much quicker response in an approval or modification explanation. Waiting until December 1st, which is the absolute latest deadline, may not allow enough time for you to prepare properly by the time you get our response. But that's up to you. I recommend aiming for October 1st or sooner. Most likely you'll be video taping your practice run throughs anyway (And I do recommend that), so do your best to capture one to a computer and put it online for us to download and review along with your routine form. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ENTIRE VIDEOS TO US. JUST THE LINKS TO DOWNLOAD THEM PLEASE.

Routine forms for Intermediate and Advanced routines can have up to 30 moves and as many connections of these moves as you can fit in. Junior routines have a compulsory list of 23 moves. You may do more difficult versions of these moves or replace compulsory moves with more difficult moves to receive higher points. Replacing moves requires approval after submitting your routine form. Substitutions still require a minimum of the compulsory amount of moves to be completed in each prop category. For example, ten moves must be done with rings regardless of how many ball or club substitutions you've made. The sooner you submit your routine, the sooner you'll either get approval or instructions on how to make your routine valid.

I recommend structuring your routine by starting with two or three moves that are your easiest to warm you up, and then move on to some of the moves that take the most energy, and then follow them with some moves that require medium to light strength, and then pacing the rest of the routine to allow moves that aren't as strenuous to give you as much muscular rest as you need to then move on to any moves that require more strength. An example would be starting with 7 ball moves and then moving on to 5 ball moves. Also think about what moves you can do that will set you up for more difficult moves that are similar in structure. For example, doing a 5 ball 3 up 360 first will help you prepare for a 5 ball 5 up 360. So think of a strategic order to your routine that will help you get through it with as little struggling as possible. ideally you want your routine to be as difficult as possible, but at the same time within your capability of a flawless execution. So it should be as difficult as you are capable of executing perfectly.

Convention Registration

To compete in the WJF competitions, you must register for the convention by December 1st, 2008. Convention Packages are available for purchase on the WJF 5 webpage. Please check your email account used when making the purchase and fill out and return the registration form that is emailed to you after you register.

Competition Registration
To compete in the WJF competitions, you must sign up for all the competitions you wish to compete in by paying the competition entry fees no later than December 1st, 2008. You may sign up for the competitions by paying the entry fees on the
WJF 5 Competitions webpage.

That is all you need to know. Study it well, good luck, and see you at WJF 5!

Jason Garfield
World Juggling Federation