//Casey Rentmeester

Casey Rentmeester

Convention Emcee / Show Director
I have been juggling since middle school when I decided to teach myself after seeing a juggler perform at a local library.  I would practice juggling with tennis balls up in my bedroom instead of doing homework but whenever I would drop, my parents would holler from downstairs to stop making so much noise.  I figured out that “doing homework” in the basement was an easier way to sneak in juggling sessions.

Back then, I didn’t know about juggling conventions, YouTube didn’t exist, and I didn’t know any jugglers that could teach me new tricks. This resulted in a thin repertoire of moves.  It wasn’t until I graduated from college and moved back to my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin that I bought my first set of clubs and began meeting up with some local jugglers.  I began watching jugglers on YouTube and communicated with some of them including Freddy Sheed who told me about the World Juggling Federation.  I looked into it and decided to fly out to Hartford, Connecticut in 2007 for WJF4.

I’ve continued to return to WJF events ever since then because I really appreciate the promotion of juggling as a sport.  I have played several different sports throughout my life so I’ve always been able to relate to the technical requirements and skill of juggling.  When playing Major League Combat, I can relate to the teamwork and strategy that has been introduced to me in my earlier days of youth and high school athletics.

One thing that I really enjoy about the WJF is the camaraderie and friendships that I’ve developed from attending multiple events.  To me, attending a World Juggling Federation convention is like attending a large family reunion where you get to see many familiar faces as well as meet new ones.  To me, the WJF events are more than just the open practice space, workshops, and shows.  What helps make it fun are the long walks back to the hotel with a bunch of jugglers you just met, the glow parties, juggling under the July Fourth fireworks, and the late-night trips to Denny’s even though you just ate dinner two hours before.  All of this is what I come back for time after time.

I look forward to continuing my role as Convention Emcee and Show Director to help deliver professional shows and events to jugglers and non-jugglers who are in attendance.  I also believe that anyone who knows me will tell you that I will keep the atmosphere fun for everyone.  I am excited to see where this organization is headed in the future, especially with the recent live telecasts on ESPN3 that have garnered much attention.  I foresee continued success and I am glad to be a part of the journey.