Joe Showers

Head Judge

Since my first trip to juggling club in college, I’ve been juggling for eight years.  I once competed at WJF 3 and received the coveted intermediate ball juggling champion!  Since then, I’ve been to WJFs 5, 6, 7 and 8.  When I’m not juggling, I also enjoy rock climbing and snowboarding.

For the future of the WJF in my department, I hope to improve the consistency of judging to provide clear reasons why one juggler would win over another.  The WJF has already created an environment where clothing, facial expression and enthusiasm are not factors to determine who juggles the best.  I want to take that another step further and include peer reviewed relative difficulties of moves and connections.  That way, you could break down two performances and know with certainty who did the better job.  No more grey area.