Josh Horton

JoshJosh Horton
Marketing Officer
Josh has been a fan, competitor, judge, and now staff member of the WJF. Growing up an athlete, the competitive nature of the WJF very much appealed to Josh, and he has been hooked since he discovered the organization after watching the famous “Chris Bliss Diss” video. Josh recently graduated from Eastern University with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies with a focus in Marketing. He makes a living as a professional juggler and works for a social media company on the side. Josh is very excited to be a part of the team and hopes to help take juggling mainstream!

“I want to make WJF 12 the best juggling event that has ever been. I want to bring in hundreds of non-jugglers from to local community as well as hundreds of jugglers from across the country and the world. An event of this magnitude could be huge for the future of juggling as a performance art, technical skill, and competitive sport.”