The following guidelines apply to events run by the World Juggling Federation. Affiliate run events may have different guidelines so please refer to their event pages when preparing to compete in WJF affiliate events.

All competitors must have an approved uniform, and approved music. Balls, beanbags and rings must all be a solid white. Club handles and shells must also be white but the shell can be decorated.

Sign up for the competitions in which you wish to compete when registering for the convention and direct all questions through the form on our contact page.

All competitors must be registered for the WJF convention and stay at the our host hotel for each day they attend the convention. The competitor's name must be on the room reservation to confirm their reservation. Those who can issue resident status in our event's host city are exempt from this requirement.

Judges will NOT respond to competitor questions during the competition. So do not ask them for last minute rule clarification or for play by play results.

Please check the drop down menu under Competitor Files/Competition Rules for info on the competition you're interested in learning about.