Here's what happened...

November 15-17, 2019 at the Plaza Hotel

Half the price for half the height!
That's right - this year we are working with 14' ceilings. What can you do under 14' ceilings?

• 9 Balls (18 if you bounce them)
• 8 Rings
• 7 Clubs
• at least 5 diabolos
• at least 3 devil sticks
• 10 poi
• 27 scarves
• infinite unicycles

Luxurious Amenities:

• 19,000 square feet of convention space
• 3 Full Days at the Plaza Hotel
• 24 Hour Juggling Space at the Plaza
Group Hotel Rate As Part of SkillCon

Main events held at Container Park
• WJF Competitions
• Combat Juggling
• Dodge Juggle
• Access to other events at SkillCon

• Special Guests soon to be announced
• And 14' Ceilings - intimate and a fun challenge!

Pricing will increase as follows:

September 1st: $75
October 1st: $100
November 1st: $125

Online registration will close on November 10th

At the door: $150

Hotel Info: You must stay at the Plaza Hotel to attend WJF 15. Please provide your reservation confirmation information provided by the Plaza Hotel. This information helps us to avoid penalties imposed by the hotel. If you live in Las Vegas, you may be exempt from this condition by showing your Nevada State I.D. with a local Las Vegas address.