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Who's Next?

When considering the role of a WJF Affiliate for your country, look at everything the World Juggling Federation has done over the past 15 years and think of how you can duplicate and improve upon those efforts and accomplishments exclusively for your country. Training camps, competitions, online contests, school programs, - think you can get sport juggling competitions on national TV? As an affiliate you are now running your own version of the World Juggling Federation for jugglers and the sport juggling movement in your country. How far can you take it as we work our way to the Olympics? A casual juggling club get together or a full blow sport juggling movement for your school, city or country? We look forward to finding out!

As a WJF Affiliate, your country, city, school or juggling club receives the following benefits

  • Alignment of your club or organization with the world’s largest sport juggling organization & the global governing body for the sport of juggling
  • Listing on the WJF website as an official WJF affiliate club with info on your organizers and club members
  • Permission to run WJF competitions in your country or city either live or through online platforms
  • Access and permission to use WJF materials to promote and run school programs designed to teach juggling and bring the sport to your country’s school systems
  • Power to nominate city level affiliates under your national brand. City affiliates are granted the same provisions by the World Juggling Federation as the country affiliate.
  • Use of the WJF graphics and promotional materials on your website and social media accounts
  • Use of the WJF graphics and promotional materials to secure training facilities and event space
  • Post production of competition footage and upload to the WJF YouTube channel
  • Email support on questions regarding skill level tests

And as a WJF Affiliate, you may choose to:

  • Recruit your country’s best sport jugglers to represent their country in international competition
  • Recruit new jugglers to start training to advance through the WJF Skill Level Certification Program
  • Encourage all members to get their skill levels certified through the WJF skill level certification system
  • Educate all members on the WJF competition and scoring system
  • Earn an affiliate commission on the WJF School Program, WJF Memberships, Skill Level Certifications, WJF Representative certifications, and WJF Store purchases.
  • Organize WJF competitions locally and nationally either at live events or through online platforms.
  • Use only the WJF events and scoring system when running WJF competitions
  • Recruit coaches/trainers to become WJF certified coaches/trainers
  • Recruit jugglers to promote and run the WJF School Program nationwide
  • Include WJF Affiliate status in your organization’s name such as on your website and/or social media accounts. E.G. UGANDAN JUGGLING, an affiliate of the World Juggling Federation
  • Produce videos promoting your organization, your jugglers, your events and encourage more jugglers to get involved.
  • Produce videos announcing major World Juggling Federation accomplishments, new services, events, and online competitions that mirror the World Juggling Federation’s announcements

If you’d like to submit your country, US city, school or juggling club for affiliate consideration, please contact us using the contact form below and let us know about yourself and your goals that align with becoming a WJF Affiliate and we look forward to working with you to expand the sport of juggling world-wide.

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    As an affiliate, you are either starting a casual sport juggling club, or you are going into business as the leader of a Sport Juggling organization either for your country, your city, or your school. As such, the efforts and achievements of the World Juggling Federation can be used to expedite your success. Below are some common questions affiliates have asked before signing on.

    Affiliate FAQ

    Setting yourself up as an affiliate is free. You can use free website services and/or social media to promote your organization, events, and agendas. You don’t have to have a business license to start. Competitions can be held at community centers, schools, outdoors in certain situations, local businesses, etc. You have creative freedom to find event space. And you can use the WJF’s Youtube channel to help promote sponsors within video of your events.
    No. You can run your club or organization as an individual. However you can also set up a business such as an LLC or non profit if you prefer to take advantage of the options available to different business structures.
    Affiliates are free to solicit donations, sponsorships, TV rights (in countries other than the US),and charge competition and event entry fees. The World Juggling Federation does not take any percentage of your revenue from those sources.
    The list of responsibilities is something to aspire and work toward. Affiliates are not expected to accomplish everything immediately but it’s just a road map of where you’re headed. How far you take it is up to you. The best way to start is to put together a list of goals in the order you think you can achieve them, create a timeline for achieving those goals, and try to stay on track but be prepared to reevaluate and adjust periodically based on your progress.
    You get out of it what you put into it. It can be rewarding and profitable, and with the WJF’s help and reputation affiliates will have a much easier time than Jason Garfield did with no reputation other than his own juggling abilities and a controversial character 🙂 You have to really want to help the sport juggling movement and all your effort has to come from that position. A lot of this work requires no money and just time and passion. You don’t need money to raise money. You need a solid plan and a way to communicate that plan to potential supporters.