WJF School/Youth Program

A Global Movement

Building Confidence, Self-Esteem, Hand-Eye Coordination, Concentration, Fitness, and a Healthy Lifestyle Through Juggling.

Public and Private K-12, Colleges, Boys & Girls Clubs, After School Programs, Corporate Team Building Events, Circus Arts Schools, Church Programs, Day Camps, Summer Camps
Exclusively Presented By World Juggling Federation Certified Representatives World-Wide.

Benefits of Juggling

  • Improved eye-hand coordination and reaction time
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Enhanced ability to concentrate
  • Increased self confidence
  • Brain Building - it literally increases grey matter IN YOUR BRAIN!!!
  • Goal Setting
  • Recognition
  • A fun, safe, mental and physical indoor/outdoor activity
  • A skill that can be practiced alone or with friends that will last a lifetime

Health & Fitness

At the higher levels, juggling becomes a physically demanding sport. Optimizing physical fitness and a healthy nutrition program go hand in hand with all sports, and juggling is no exception. Posture, core, leg, shoulder, arm, back, chest and cardiovascular strength training exercises round out the program. Even if your goal is not to make it to the olympic level, juggling can be used as an invaluable tool to achieve optimal health and fitness.

The Program

A customizable program designed to motivate, inspire, and teach the skill of juggling. Select the WJF Representative in your city or one of our elite status instructors to travel to your school, institution or organization. Based on your preferences, your WJF Representative can provide the following:
  • A performance/demonstration for your entire body of soon-to-be jugglers
  • Individual class/break out session demonstrations and instruction
  • Teacher/Leader sessions on how to teach juggling
  • Options to become a WJF Affiliate and certified representatives to continue the program
A Clear Path From Beginner to Olympian
As the World Juggling Federation works to advance the sport of juggling into the Olympics, we have defined a 15 skill level certification program to rate the skill development progress of aspiring olympic jugglers. Starting from the juggling of 3 balls, students can rank up through the skill levels as they work their way to the olympic level. Jugglers who achieve a skill level certification receive a certified seal of approval on their video and upload to the World Juggling Federation Youtube channel as seen here:
Advanced School Participation
With enough interest in your school district, your school can coordinate a school district championship. This will be in conjunction with schools participating in the WJF school program. All schools will form their school team. Different skill levels from beginner to advanced can participate in their own categories. The World Juggling Federation provides the scoring criteria which mirrors their international and olympic level scoring system.

Promotion of your Juggling Program

Every school participating in the World Juggling Federation school program will be given their own page on the WJF website complete with pictures of the participants, coaches, team, and video of their juggling progress

The US National School District Championships
After assembling your team, your school will then compete against other schools in your city to determine the citywide team champion. Upon winning the citywide championships, your team will then move on to the State Championships. The winning team from the State Championships will then advance to the National School District Championships held at the annual World Juggling Federation Convention.
Our Goal
Our goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the many benefits juggling has to offer and provide a fun, athletic, group activity to participate in with their friends while making new friends.

If you would like to run the WJF youth/school program in your country, get certified here: