This page is for the WJF School/Youth Program Representative Certification. If you are looking for Skill Level Certification, that page can be found here. If you're looking to become a WJF affiliate, that page can be found here.

Why become a Certified WJF Representative?

Get paid to run the WJF School/Youth program in your area

Listing on the WJF website as an officially certified representative for the WJF School/Youth program in your area and online coach

Set your own rates

How to become a WJF certified representative:

  1. Purchase the WJF Certification Program here.
  2. Study the program materials
  3. Take the test as instructed in the program manual
  4. Upload video file(s) of your test to a file hosting service such as dropbox, google drive, mediafire, etc
  5. Complete the form below with purchase number of your certification program order and the link to download your test videos.
  6. Pass the test
  7. Pass a background check

WJF Representative Certification

  • If you were referred to the WJF Skill Certification from a WJF affiliate, input the affiliate code they gave you here.