This class is open to all ages and genders and is for those who feel they are not qualified to compete in the Junior or Intermediate class. There is no prize money or air time on the line for the winners, the only prize is bragging rights and an ego boost. Balls, rings, and/or clubs may be used in this competition.

Minimum Requirements:
Move minimum is a three ball basic pattern. If a competitor has a difficult three object move they want to use, they may incorporate it within their routine. There is no minimum or maximum for total amount of moves. You're only restricted by the two minute time limit.

(To keep the competition fair)
• 3 clubs
No moves with four clubs or higher will be allowed

• 5 rings
No five ring moves or runs of six rings or higher are allowed

• 6 ball qualify
If a competitor can run six objects for a long time, they cannot enter the competition. Please be honest 🙂

Scoring System:
A panel of judges will make a subjective decision on competitor placement based on difficulty of moves, connections, and execution. Drops and other errors will be taken into account as well. There are no performance related points available in this competition. Errors that will reduce your chances of placing high consist of:

1. Collisions
2. Foot movement / bad form (shuffling steps/bad arm position in the minor cases, to walking around and excessive reaching in major cases. Each individual step
counts as a deduction.)
3. Bad Patterns (exceedingly uneven throw heights, or off timing will count as a single bad pattern block, not as five throws with a bad pattern)
4. Drops (Per drop event. If you drop every single object you're trying to juggle, there will be an additional penalty. So at least try to hold on to one of whatever you're
trying to juggle)
5. Loss of balance (falling, stumbling [counts as one stumble, not as five stumbling steps]