Two teams, ten combatants, 30 weapons
The world's most vicious and strategic club manipulators attack and take each other down
while maintaining control over gravity in a 5 on 5 team deathmatch tournament.

What is Combat Juggling?
Combat Juggling integrates the skill of juggling three clubs into a team sport where team members must attack and destroy the opposing force's ability to juggle. This is typically accomplished by throwing one of your own clubs up high allowing enough time to use the other two clubs to attack the airborne clubs of your opponent and then catching your club and resuming a 3 club juggle. There are a variety of different attack techniques and gameplay formats that allow for a multitude of strategies to be developed and implemented.

Who Can Play?
One of the prohibitive factors of other juggling competitions is that it can take years of practice before one is ready to participate in a competitive venue. Team combat juggling was developed in part because someone with no juggling ability can be ready to compete on a team within two months of practice. All that's required is the ability to juggle three clubs, and to posses good control over high throws. Once those basic skills are achieved, the rest of the training is teamwork, strategy and club control.

Additional Benefits
Although Combat Juggling is a lot of fun and incorporates a skill that alone usually leads to practice and social isolation, the skill of juggling also increases eye-hand coordination making it one of the best training exercises for any sport or skill where eye-hand coordination is required. Reflexes become faster and more accurate, and the brain actually grows more grey matter which is essential in connecting physical reactions with visual perception. Combining all this into a team sport changes the effect juggling has on an individual by teaching teamwork, practice and work ethic, sportsmanship, and gives the athlete a sense of belonging as part of a team.

Our Mission
We are very excited about Combat Juggling because it incorporates a skill we love into a team sport format that parallels mainstream sports. This in turn has produced an event that's exciting to watch, and exciting to play. It's easy to follow and understand while being impressive and inspirational. It encourages fans to learn how to juggle which has physical and mental benefits. It provides a team sport venue for jugglers to join who otherwise may have lived a life of solitude as a lone juggler without purpose. We want to grow our sport globally by airing coverage of our events on broadcast television and by holding events as often as possible. We would like to teach athletes from other sports how to juggle so that they can participate in a combat juggling charity tournament. Considering the eye-hand coordination athletes need for Baseball, Basketball, Football, and other sports, they could learn the skills required for Combat Juggling within a month or less.