Love sport juggling and the WJF's mission?
Consider setting aside a few dollars a month to support our efforts.

And as an added perk, you'll receive an extended cut HD download of the WJF 20 program we’ll be producing for ESPN in August 2024.

The World Juggling Federation is a non profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.
All donations and gifts are tax deductible.

What is $5/month?

An airport latte is like $12 and it's gone in 20 minutes. The cost of coffee is always compared to small donations - probably because it's a daily expense for a lot of people. Maybe they're onto something there. But with a $5/month commitment we have the potential to raise $780,000 a year if all 13,000 of our Youtube subscribers join the movement. Some of us spend more than that on streaming services we've been too lazy to cancel. You can just redistribute your monthly commitments - cancel your excess streaming services and put that money into supporting sport juggling programming! And we'll be able to do a lot more of it.

Monthly Support

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