Spencer Androli


Location: Tyler, Texas, USA

Booking region: Available world-wide


Video: Juggling 2020 Highlights

I have been a juggler for 12 years. I started juggling when I was 8 years old through my cousin teaching me the basics. Juggling was and obviously still is a fun thing that instantly hooked me and is now a massive part of my life. I have participated in WJF events since 2013 and have won the Juniors Overall Championship in 2014 and the Advanced Overall Championship in 2017. I have also performed in many places such as the Austin Jugglefest and participated in the International Jugglers Association's competitions. I also hold 8 juggling world records.

Why I Became A WJF Rep:
I became a WJF Representative because I want to see sport juggling grow. Juggling has been a huge thing in the circus world but there are many jugglers who aren't necessarily entertainers per-say or don't point their juggling in that direction. Juggling is a thing that can be very physically taxing if taken to the maximum level. There is so much to be appreciated in jugglers who do incredibly hard tricks. I believe sport juggling can bring more understanding to the amazing things in juggling. On a personal level, juggling has for the most part been technical and it is the way where I push my own limits and brings me fulfillment in life. I have probably dedicated tens of thousands of hours to juggling. I am not the only one. I believe so many jugglers would benefit career wise by the expansion of sport juggling and turning what often people perceive as a strange skill into a sport with amazing athletes that challenge the limits of keeping things in the air. I desire to educate jugglers to reach their goals and to perhaps coach olympic athletes one day as well as perhaps be one myself. I love teaching people juggling and seeing their progress.

Services Available
Offers a juggling based performance
Offers a juggling skill demonstration/explanation at the top of each class
Will stay at a school/venue for the day and teach up to 6 periods of juggling lessons