Ball, ring and club routines ONLY

Must be a previous Overall Champion to enter
2024 Competitors: Spencer Androli, Christian Hauschild, Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse, and Eivind Dragsjø
Competition Date: June 30, 2024
Venue: Le Carreau du Temple - Paris, France

Time limit per routine: 4 Minutes

20 Move Limit Per Routine (Balls, Rings, Clubs)

Execution Score

Starting at 10 points for all competitors. Deductions will be taken as follows:

0.5 for single object drops where the pattern remained otherwise perfect

1 point deduction for standard drops (due to bad patterns, collisions, etc)

1.25 - Severe dropping event - dropping the majority of objects being juggled

1 point deduction for skipping moves

2 points for falling down

0.2 points for aborts including connection aborts

0.2 points for collisions

0.05 points for clubs caught on the wrong end or wrong number of rotations (E.G. triples instead of doubles)

0.05 points for large foot movement

Zero points for getting fewer catches than you wrote in your routine form (19 backcrosses instead of 20)

Persistent Bad Form

10% off difficulty total score for bad form (uneven shoulders, incorrect arm positions, off center pattern distribution): 10% of total score if prevalent throughout all moves. 10% off each individual move per event if not embedded within all moves

Restarting Connection Chains
If a competitor drops in the middle of a connection chain they can either restart from move 1, or from the move they dropped on but not anywhere in between.


High Scoring Choreography Elements

Choreography timed with difficult transitions (Transitions between two dissimilar moves, transitions to and from a 360, 720, 1080). For example, a 5 ball 744 connected to 6x,4 would not be a difficult transition. A transition from 5 ball overheads into backcrosses would be considered a difficult transition. A 5 up 360 connected to backcrosses (or connected to 6x,4) would also be considered difficult transitions.

Medium Scoring Choreography Elements

Choreography timed with 360s, 720s, 1080s, 540s and 180s

Lower Scoring Choreography Elements (But still worth doing)

Starting and stopping a juggling pattern choreographed to the music, connections between continuous juggling patterns such as from one siteswap to another. The change, even though easy, should still be noticeably choreographed to the music.

10 total choreography elements are required per routine. That will max out your choreography score if all 10 elements are high scoring elements. There needs to be a minimum of 3 instances per difficulty rating and the 10th element is up to you (high, medium or low). You can choose to do all high scoring, or a combination of medium and high. If you choose to include low scoring elements, the maximum allowed is four. The rest must be either all high, or a combination of three medium and three high.

A maximum of 2 points is available per routine for choreography. If there are no choreographed elements in your routine, there will be a 1.1 point deduction (The minimum score requirement). If there are fewer than 3 instances per difficulty rating, the value of each missing instance will be deducted from your total score.

To ensure credit for choreography elements, you must indicate where these elements will occur in your routines when submitting your routine forms. We will confirm, deny, or adjust choreography element difficulty ratings after review.

High Scoring Elements
0.2 Points Per Element

Medium Scoring Elements
0.1 Points Per Element

Low Scoring Elements

If you do all high scoring elements, you’ll receive 2 additional points. If you do all medium scoring elements, you’ll receive 1 additional point. If you do all low scoring elements, you’ll receive 0.5 additional points.

If you do the minimum requirement of 3 low, 3 medium and 3 high (with the 10th being a low scoring element for a total of 4 low scoring elements) your music choreography bonus will be as follows:

High 0.6
Medium: 0.3
Low: 0.2
Total: 1.1 Points