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October 7, 2023 11am

This year the WJF is partnering with Japan to hold WJF 18 at the Japan Juggling Festival! Our very own WJF Norwegian Affiliate Eivind Dragsjø will be running the WJF Numbers and Freestyle event. All events will be judged via Zoom by Josh Horton, Vova Galchenko, and Jason Garfield.

There will be two different competitions with sub-categories:

1. WJF Numbers/Endurance with clubs and balls

- This format is about trying to juggle as many objects as possible for as long as possible. It’s the LIVE format of the ongoing online Numbers Juggling League https://juggling-records.com/numbers_league, being tried out for the first time at a WJF event. The main event will begin at 8 balls and 6 clubs and work its way up. For example; To win the ball category you have to be the overall best juggler of 8, 9, 10… balls. It’s not just about who can juggle most balls. It’s possible that a juggler that can’t flash 11 beats a juggler that can! If there are more than 9 people signing up in either of the two sub-categories, there will be a qualification taking place before the main event. Information about the qualifications will be told at the given day.

- Suggested guidelines is to have at at least 16+ catches of 8 balls as a personal best to compete in the ball category or 12+ catches of 6 club to compete in the club category.

- You need to bring many clubs, balls, and preferably also some small beanbags.

2. Freestyle with 5, 6 and 7 balls and 5 clubs

- This format is about who can pull off the best trick or trick combination in terms of difficulty and originality. Here it’s not about to get many cool moves, but rather one big move. The more spectacular, creative, difficult, clean and controlled move will win! If we end up with more than 8-10 people signing up per sub-event, there will be a qualification taking place before the main event. Information about the qualifications will be told at the given day if necessary.

- Suggested guidelines: Solid 5 ball pattern and solid 6 and 7 ball pattern for each respective event

- You need to bring 7 balls and 5 clubs minimum!

Important information to the competitors!

- To enter the Competition, you have to sign up at latest ONE WEEK beforehand. Choose what events you want to participate in. You can compete in all events if you want to. If there still are available spots for any event at the day the competition is held, we might allow people to sign up that very day, but this is not something we can guarantee.

- Be aware that you might get asked to show up to the event up to two hours before event begins.

- Remember that this is a competition, but it’s also supposed to be entertaining. Show excitement! 🙂

Full rules of Numbers Juggling League:
Rules for Freestyle at the bottom of this page: