The Plaza

Address: 1 Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Cut Off Date: November 28, 2022
The reservation page will say "Welcome Skillcon 2022"

Reservation Cut Off Countdown

All guests are subject to a $28.00 resort fee, per room, per day, that includes the following amenities and/or services: self-parking; pool admission; fitness facility admission; two (2) bottles of water; local/800 calls from guest room; and boarding pass printing (designated kiosks only. Resort fee is charged per room per day and taxable by 13%. Note: Non-hotel guests will be charged for parking.

Direct Call and On-Line
Prior to cut-off date, The reservation call center can be reached via (800) 634-6575. If using the website, the guest will visit and will enter the booking code "SKILC22" in order to receive the group rates. The Hotel will not revise rates upon check-in for guests who do not identify their group/event affiliation at the time the reservation is made.

The Hotel requires a pre-authorization of $100.00, per room, to cover services including phones, movies and charging privileges to the room, regardless of guests intent to room charge. This pre-authorization will take place up-front. Please note that if you use a debit card, the pre-authorization will act as a direct withdrawal from your bank account and the funds will be automatically withdrawn upon check-in. After deducting an amount equal to the incidentals used during your stay at the Hotel, any balance will be credited to your bank account upon check-out. Should a guest go over their $100.00 incidental deposit, additional funds will be requested. If no funds are provided, the Hotel reserves the right to discontinue any further charging privileges to the room and cut off telephone and movie usage for the guest room.
The following methods of payment may be used for deposit: company check; American Express; Diners Club; MasterCard; Discover, VISA, or JCB. Hotel accepts company checks for payment of deposits only.
Hotel does not take personal checks at check-out as payment in full for individual accounts without prior bank clearance.

The Hotel requires a credit card upon check-in to cover incidentals. A pre-authorization will take place as incidental charges are incurred during the guest’s stay. Please note that for guests using a debit card, the pre-authorization will act as a direct withdrawal from the guest’s bank account and the funds will be automatically withdrawn upon check-in. After deducting an amount equal to the incidentals used during the guest’s stay at the Hotel, any balance will be credited to the guest’s bank account upon check-out. Hotel reserves the right to retain the security deposit and charge the credit card utilized for security deposit any additional amounts necessary to fully compensate for: (1) and damage to hotel rooms (including the cost of repair and lost revenue for any time during which hotel room cannot be utilized because of such repair work); and (2) the cost associated with any excessive cleanup of any hotel room that may be necessary as a result of the condition of any hotel room used by guest

Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. and check-out time is 11:00 am. Under no circumstances shall a minor be allowed to check-in or occupy a guest room without the accompaniment of at least one (1) adult age of 21 over who is registered in same room. Guests who are not listed on a reservation will not be permitted to check-in without the named guest on the reservation.

Additional information can be found on the Plaza's website: