The last Jason Garfield Training Camp was held in 2009. Here's the promo that was used for that event.

The Jason Garfield Training Camp is returning to the WJF convention, this time during SkillCon at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino between December 16th and 23rd, 2016.

Regardless of what you want to do with your juggling, at the root of it all is your juggling technique. And the Jason Garfield training camp is where you can learn how best to improve your juggling abilities.

During these three days, we will hold workshops for all the standard moves listed below and simulation competitions for junior through advanced competitions,

The aim of the WJF Training Camp is to help jugglers interested in any of the following areas:

• Improving practice techniques for the most efficient use of practice time and the quickest road to improvements

• Learning detailed techniques for a variety of different moves including backcrosses, body throws, shoulder throws, overhead throws, siteswaps, 180s, 360s, shower patterns, and more

• Increased control over club juggling (learning how to control the club rotation for a variety of different moves)

• How to intelligently put together a routine either for performance or competition

• How to prepare for WJF competitions including how to put together a routine and connections


All Jason Garfield workshops are designed to help develop and reinforce proper practice technique and a solid foundation of skill for any given skill set. Every skill set is broken down to the easiest possible level where extremely detailed instruction is given to help refine and master the base technique before introducing more challenging levels. Jason Garfield, author of the Theory and Practice book and DVD and "Etudes for Juggling...The Next Three Years of Your Life", will lead workshops on the following skills:

Overhead Throws
Shoulder Throws
Body Throws
The Shower Pattern
(6x,4) and other site swaps
Club Control
Preparing for Competition


Simulation competitions for Beginners, Juniors, Intermediates and Advanced competitors. Go through the process of putting together a routine, identifying the best way to connect moves, and perform your routine in front of a panel of judges and other competitors. Multiple opportunities will be given to perform your routine over the three day training camp with notes and suggestions given in between each attempt.

Email us your request to attend. Include your reasons for why you want to attend the training camp, what you want to get out of it, and why you should be included as one of the few aspiring jugglers accepted into the camp. Please also include any supportive video links. Tentative dates and cost of the camp will be disclosed in our response.

Three Day Event at WJF 12
Limited Admission
Additional Fee
Audition Video Required

Highlights from the 2009 Training Camp