It's Time To Take Sport Juggling
To The Olympics

When I first started the WJF, my goal was to get juggling competitions on ESPN. I did that in the first year. Then my goal became to increase the prize money higher than any other juggling competition payday in history. I did that in my third year and then at one point I raised the prize money as high as $10,000 with $7,000 going to first place. Then there was the idea for SkillCon and the Moxie Games and producing a full day of outside the box sports programming and I did that - 7 hours of Moxie Games on Dec 24th and a rebroadcast on Dec 25th. So what haven't I done...

Juggling in the Olympics.

People always bring it up, but I don't think anyone is currently working on it. I want to create an exciting Olympic event similar to gymnastics floor routines - choreography to exciting music, fast paced routines, professional looking athletes. The goal is to present sport juggling as seriously as any other Olympic sport. That’s going to be an exciting new direction.

Starting in 2021, I coordinated with jugglers around the world to hold competitions to determine who will represent their country in the sport of juggling. I did the same for the United States through live and video submitted virtual competitions. Although the advanced competitors will be the ones vying for a spot on the Olympic team, we also held competitions for beginners, juniors, and intermediates since one day THEY too will be competing for a chance to join the team. Since that time all these ideas have converged at WJF 16 and WJF 17 and we continue to acquire more affiliates as we continue to work to meet the requirements for Olympic consideration.

2023-2026 is going to be an exciting time span for the sport of juggling!

Thanks so much for your continued support over the past few years. If you'd like to help out with a donation, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks again and I'll be back soon!

Jason Garfield
World Juggling Federation
Founder & Presiden