In 2013, Lisa Komatsubara received a $1000 donation and a free WJF 9 Convention package donation to help her raise the funds to travel to WJF 9. Lisa impressed us with her resourcefulness, tenacity, and work ethic and we’d like to see more women who want to attend WJF events demonstrate the same drive Lisa exhibited.

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For WJF 10, we have three prizes available for female jugglers who best represent what the Lisa Komatsubara grant stands for.

To enter, upload a video three minutes or less in duration to Youtube and include the following:

1. Display of your juggling abilities
2. Explanation of why you want to attend WJF 10
3. Explanation of how you would raise the money to attend WJF 10 without the grant

We have three grants available. An overseas grant, a US grant, and a global grant.

Grant 1: Overseas Support (outside of the US): $1000.00 for travel expenses to WJF 10 and a free WJF 10 convention package, One (1) Available

Grant 2: Domestic Support: Round trip flight from a US airport to WJF 10 and a WJF 10 Convention Package. One (1) Available

Grant 3: Exceptional Mention (open to all countries): Free WJF 10 Convention Package. Up to three (3) available.

Video deadline:
Videos must be uploaded to Youtube and links emailed to us through the form on this page no later than June 1st, 2014.

Grants only available to female jugglers who have not attended a WJF event.

Submission Form
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