Mary Brown is excited to serve as the Public Relations Officer for the
WJF. Her education, training and life experiences have served well to
prepare her for this position.

As campaign manager for three major, non-partisan races, Mary has had many
opportunities to interact with a wide variety of media outlets, primarily
news-related types including television, radio and print. These
experiences have paved the way to also promote her son,  Daniel Brown’s,
juggling career, utilizing currently sustained relationships with
reporters from news sources such as Fox News, Bay News Nine, and the Tampa
Bay Times.  She looks forward to utilizing these skills to promote,
educate, and support the goals of the WJF and to bring much-deserved
attention and recognition to the sport of juggling.

Additionally, Mary is a medical professional specializing in Pediatrics
and Maternal-Child Care, a former Childbirth and Infant Care Educator,  a
licensed Zumba Instructor with formal ballet and jazz training, an avid
swimmer, and a proud mother of three sons and one daughter.  Excellent
communication skills are a must in all of these arenas!

So, let’s get this party started by further introducing the world to this
highly specialized and technically demanding sport, educating the public
to juggling’s multi-varied benefits and exposing everyone to the wonderful
opportunities and experiences afforded by the World Juggling Federation .