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    Are you willing to travel outside of your general area? Travel expenses would be covered and you can adjust your performance fee accordingly.
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    High Quality Pictures - headshots and action shots Any graphics, logos, etc
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  • How and why you got into juggling. Your competition, performance, and/or teaching career, achievements and experiences.
  • In this section, please write about why you became a WJF Representative and the change you hope to make in doing so. Also mentioning the many benefits of juggling that you've experienced and witnessed in others. in time, it would be great if you could create a custom video talking about all these points.
    Typically this would be either an assembly for the entire school, sometimes it would take two performances for a large school
    This is usually a brief demonstration of how to learn 3 balls starting with 1, and then showing what's possible with 4 balls and beyond as well as how to learn rings and clubs and then demonstrating the limits of your abilities in these props. It's a very casual demo of skills that doesn't require much, if any, performance related elements.
    You would either remain in the gym and teach all the PE classes as they rotate in, or in designated classrooms.

The logistics of how the program will be run may change depending on the requests of the institution so we will explain each opportunity to you before you commit to a specific rate you'd like to be paid. You can have multiple rates for different scenarios.