1st Place: iPad Air 2 and $300.00
2nd Place: $200.00
3rd Place: $100.00

The WJF 789 Competition will be an opportunity for the best jugglers out there to show off their numbers skills outside the Advanced Overall Championship.

In the WJF 789, competitors are given five minutes in which to showcase their most controlled moves with 7, 8 and/or 9 objects (balls, rings or clubs).  The goal is to show some range within the “numbers” category of juggling.

Anyone participating in this event will obviously be a high calibre juggler.  At this level it will be difficult to quantize the proportionate value of various standard moves or even unique moves.  This will take time and group consultation to create.  This competition will be judged subjectively for WJF 10. An objective set of rules will be created from the results of the 789 competition at WJF 10 for implementation at WJF 11.

Judges will be looking for control but considering the difficulty of the moves likely to be attempted, foot movement and strictly balanced patterns may not weigh as heavily as they do in the Short Programs.  Multiple attempts at tricks are allowed but you are asked to keep them at no more than 3.  It is better to complete three easier tricks than fail three times on a hard one.  Range in numbers juggling would include not only volume of tricks inside an object group, but showing a balance of the three object categories as well.  5 minutes is a short time but that will help condense only the best stuff.

Music must be used for this competition. For music usage rules and regulations, please visit this page.

Sign ups and prelims will occur on Dec. 26th and 27th at SkillCon