WJF 9 Schedule
December 18th-22nd, 2013

This schedule is tentative and subject to change

Dec 18 WED
11am: Gym Opens
11am: Sign ups for all competitions
12pm-6pm: Prelims – all competitors must be present
3pm – 3:45pm: Workshop – 3 & 4 Balls – Jason Garfield
7pm: Combat Headquarters
9:30pm: Juggling Games 1, Juggling JukeBox Round 1

Dec 19 THURS

11am: Gym Opens
11am: Workshop – Beginning 3 Balls – Frank Chilese
12pm-1pm: Workshop – 5-7 Balls – Jason Garfield
2pm: Endurance, Isolated Endurance, 360s, Power Ups, Freestyle Competitions
5pm: Juggling Games 2, Juggling Jukebox round 2, Team Warfare
7pm: Workshop – Combat Training – Joe Showers
8pm: Workshop – 3,4, and 5 Clubs – Jason Garfield
9pm: Workshop – Wrap ‘n Wroll – Josh Horton

Dec 20 FRI
11am: Gym Opens
11:30am: Beginning 3 and 4 balls – Ari Stoler
12pm-1:30pm: Thomas Dietz Workshop Part 1
2:00pm: WJF 2014 Black Ops Luncheon
3:30pm-5pm: Extreme Combat Day 1
5pm-6pm: Workshop – Vova Galchenko – Club Control and club moves for 3-5 clubs
6:30pm: Extreme Competitions (Isolated Combat, low 360s, Limbo Finals), Beginners, Juniors, Intermediates Competitions
9pm: WJE Showcase, Sil-X Implosion Ballistic Missile Strike Finals, Juggling Jukebox Finals, Maximum OverDrive

Dec 21 SAT
11am: Gym Opens
11:45am: Workshop – 3 & 4 Balls – Vova Galchenko
11am-12:30pm: Workshop – Thomas Dietz Workshop Part 2
2pm-3pm: Video & Awards Buffet
3:30pm: Extreme Combat Day 2
5pm: Scotty Meltzer Comedy Writing Workshop (2 hours)
7pm: Thomas Dietz Practice Exhibition
8:15pm: Workshop – Optimizing juggling performance through exercise, nutrition and supplementation – Cameron Ritter
9pm: Onesie Night Begins!
9pm: Overhead Throws (balls), Backcrosses (Balls and Clubs), The Shower Pattern (Balls) – Jason Garfield
10:30pm: The Onesie Juggling Competition

Dec 22 SUN
11am: Gym Opens
11:00am – 12:30pm: Thomas Dietz Workshop Part 3
1pm-2:30pm: Extreme Combat Day 3
2:30pm: Scotty Meltzer Workshop – Markets and Pricing for Professional Jugglers
4pm: Advanced Short Programs
5pm: Major League Combat
7pm: Juggling Games 3
9pm: Awards Presentation
10pm: Workshop – 360s and 180s – Jason Garfield
 (You must already know how to do a proper 360 to participate in this workshop. This workshop teaches how to incorporate 360s into juggling pattern. It does not teach you how to spin. If you cannot spin properly, you will be told that you are not ready for this however you are still welcome to observe the workshop)
11pm: Juggle ’till you drop