The WJF Extreme Combat Tournament
Three days of competition will determine the 2013 WJF Combat Champions in three different events.

1. Team Combat

Three Members per team
Teams will compete against each other in an elimination match tournament. Number of teams to beat will be based upon total team entries. Three out of five sets wins the match.

2. Royal Rumble

Every man, woman and child for them-self. Groups of 10 (or an evenly divided number based on number of entrants) will compete against each other at the same time. Winners of each match will advance to compete against other winners of their 10 person Royal Rumble matches. In the event of a tie, all tied competitors will be recognized for winning the most rounds, but will then compete against each other in a sudden death match.

3. One on One Combat

Each competitor will be matched up against other competitors in an elimination tournament. The best three out of five sets wins each match. Competitors who win their matches will go on to compete against competitors who won their matches until they reach the finals. The competitor who wins their final match will win the One on One Combat Championship.

WJF Extreme Combat Rules

1. No wins by default. If there are three people left in a Royal Rumble and two take each other out, they must then go against each other in one on one. The winner of that match will go up against the third person.
2. No rounds with no winners. If a three on three or royal rumble round ends in a one on one double elimination, those last two competitors will continue in one on one until there is a winner.
3. If two competitors are holding onto the same club and juggling two in one hand each, whoever drops first must immediately and without sabotage, release the shared club.
4. No suicide bombing. You must be obviously trying to keep your juggling pattern going and not sacrificing yourself to take out another competitor.

Isolated Combat
Competitors battle each other one on one with three clubs each and positioned on chairs facing each other just two feet apart. Scary closeness.

Combat Headquarters
Teams can range from three to eight players per team. Refs will place a flag that represents the headquarters within a 12 foot diameter somewhere on the combat field. At least one member of your team must stay within the headquarters diameter for 15 seconds for your team to capture the headquarters. Once the headquarters is captured, the defending team does not need to stay within the headquarters diameter. But for the opposing team to destroy the headquarters, they must have at least one of their team members inside the headquarters diameter with no opposing forces present inside for 15 seconds. The team who initially captured the headquarters must defend the headquarters for a total of two minutes for maximum score. Once the headquarters has been successfully defended or destroyed, the refs will then move the headquarters to a different location. When team members are taken out, they must return to their re-spawning area and then reenter the game. While the headquarters is captured, team members who are defending the headquarters do not re-spawn if they are taken out until the headquarters is destroyed. The team who captures and hold onto the headquarters for the longest accumulative time, wins.

Five Club Explosion Recovery
Competitors will be given five attempts to cause a collision within a five club pattern and then regain control over the pattern. The winner will be the competitor who causes the worst collision and the best save.

Gymnastic Juggling Moves

Competitors will be given five attempts to execute the best gymnastic move incorporated within the start, middle, or end of a juggling pattern. The competitor who demonstrates the best incorporation of a gymnastic move within a juggling start, middle, or stop will win. (Judged completely on the judges subjectivity)

Horizontal Club Endurance

Competitors will get five attempts to juggle the most amount of clubs whilst lying on their back. The competitor who either qualifies the most amount of clubs or gets the highest amount of catches within the same number of objects as qualified by other competitors, will win.

Juggling Limbo
Jugglers line up and take turns juggling the specified prop, number and pattern while attempting to duck or matrix-backbend under the juggling pattern limbo laceration pole. Finalists will advance to the Extreme Competitions show.

Round 1: 3 Clubs
Round 2: 5 Balls
Round 3: 3 Ball Backcrosses
Round 4: 3 Club Reverse Body Throws
Round 5. 7 Balls

Low 360s
How low can you do a 5 ball, 5 ring or 5 club 5 up 360? 3 Club 3 Up 720?
Find out under our low 360s device. Finalists advance to the Extreme Competitions show.