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Thomas Dietz Returns to the WJF

Five years after retiring from competition, Thomas Dietz returns to the WJF conventions for WJF 9! Thomas will be teaching a three day specialty workshop, demonstrating a practice exhibition, and performing in the World Juggling Entertainment Showcase. Space in his workshop is limited so reserve your spot in Thomas’ workshop right away:

Vova Galchenko
Although Vova has only missed one WJF convention in his entire life, he was unable to juggle at WJF 8 due to a combat injury. But Vova has recovered and is back in primo shape. And his 7 Club 360s are even better now that he’s started deadlifting. Check it out:

Jon Brady
Adding to the number of 7 club jugglers, Jon Brady is returning. You don’t want to miss watching this guy juggle. I’ve created a Jon Brady demo reel for you all to enjoy:

Performers, Hobbyists, and Competitors
Regardless of what style of juggling you prefer, the root of all juggling is based on your technical ability. The WJF events excel at providing a venue where everyone can improve their technical ability and then apply it to whatever interpretation of juggling they prefer. Although we heavily promote our technical juggling competitions, you do not need to be a competitor or even competitive to get a lot out of our events. The most common misconception about the WJF events is that you have to be a good juggler to attend. You have to be good to WIN the WJF competitions, but the conventions that hold the competitions are tailored for beginners and aspiring jugglers. The competitions motivate everyone to improve their technical abilities, whether you compete or just watch. But if competition isn’t your thing, you don’t have to compete and there’s still endless opportunities to improve through workshops and in meeting new jugglers from around the world. I orated a version of this while attempting to drive:

And a little endorsement from a good friend:

Rio Hotel Rooms Running Out
We have limited rooms at the Rio hotel at the current rate so to get the current convention rate, please book your reservation at the Rio Hotel asap. You can do this before purchasing your convention package. If the rooms are sold out, please email me first and let me know and I’ll try to open up more rooms for our group. Staying at the Rio hotel under our group rate helps make it possible for us to put on the convention so please stay at the Rio and book your reservation asap 🙂

Jason Garfield Workshops
I’ll be teaching a few workshops as well on the following topics:

Overhead Throws
4.5.6. and 7 balls
And others I haven’t thought of yet 🙂

School Conflicts
Whether we hold our events in the summer, winter, spring, or fall, there’s always conflicts with some people’s schedules who otherwise would like to attend. There’s never a date that works for everyone. However the most common conflict we hear about in the winter is a school conflict, which is the one we’re best suited to help out with. I can’t think of a better reason to work harder in school to finish your work ahead of schedule than a rewarding juggling vacation in Las Vegas…with me, Vova and Thomas. I’ve provided invitation letters to students who either want to compete, or just attend to learn and they have always been effective in convincing the schools and teachers to allow an early release based on the required school work either being completed, or arranging a make up test after returning. If you need to get out of school early, and you’re willing to do what is required to satisfy your school and teacher’s requirements, I will write you a customized invitation letter to explain the importance of this event to your school. Just send me an email at and I’ll get it to you asap. To hear the inflection of this pitch, watch this:

Help US!!!!
My goal in continuing to produce WJF conventions is to continue to provide a venue for jugglers who enjoy participating in what the WJF represents which is:
• Providing incentive to raise the bar in technical juggling
• Provide the best hands on instruction for improving your juggling technique
• To expand the juggling industry
• To excite more people about juggling through our online and television outlets
• To provide an experience at our events that excites, motivates and inspires everyone who attends to work hard to improve in all aspects of their life

I put in more time than any sane person would to produce, promote and execute these events and the subsequent programs you see on ESPN and on our Youtube channel. I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do my work for the WJF 🙂 We have a great team of volunteers helping with our website, 3D animation, marketing/PR, store, emceeing, and judging system. But even with that, there are many things I’d like to do for the WJF attendees and competitors that are cost prohibitive. Everything I’ve done since the first WJF has been a limited version of my ultimate idea of what our events should be like. Although that has forced a lot of creativity out of me, I’d like to combine more resources with creativity at some point. If you’d like to help me put on a better WJF event by making a donation, I and all the WJF attendees would greatly appreciate it.

If you would like to make a donation, please send us a check (to help avoid online fees that eat into your donation) to:

World Juggling Federation
7511 Greenwood Ave North #315
Seattle, WA 98103

Thank you again to all of you who have already helped us out. You’re a big part in the success of this event!

Facebook & YouTube
We’ve been uploading videos to our Facebook and Youtube channels almost daily. If you want to get your daily juggling fix, like and subscribe to us and if you’re planning on attending WJF 9, join our Facebook event page:

That’s all for now. More exciting stuff coming soon!

Jason Garfield
World Juggling Federation

Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield, President of the World Juggling Federation