WJF 9 Update for 9/9/13

WJF 9!!!
December 18-22, 2013 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas!!!

The mother ship is calling you home! All of you who have been part of the WJF family throughout the past nine years, it’s time for our family reunion! And those of you who have never been to a WJF convention – you’ve waited patiently for the best year to attend and now it has arrived. This year we are coming back to Las Vegas which means you can make the most of your vacation with everything the WJF and Las Vegas have to offer. And this year we’re at the Rio hotel, home of Penn & Teller! Room rates as low as $40/night, convention packages as low as $150.00.

Oldies but Goodies
World Juggling Entertainment will still produce Maximum OverDrive, but we will also bring back a few select practice exhibitions of individual jugglers.

In addition to Major League Combat, we’re also going to hold another extreme combat elimination tournament just like the one we held at WJF 4:

And we’re bringing back Isolated Combat and the other Extreme Competitions. Anyone can enter – no uniforms required although we encourage you to wear athletic clothes.

And loads of fun games for all guests – minimal juggling ability required!

WJF 9 Competitors
Considering WJF 9 is only three months away, routine forms and music submissions will not be due until you arrive at the convention. We’ll sort it all out like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off in Las Vegas! But if you do plan on competing, please contact us asap and let us know which division you plan on competing in so we can estimate the work hours that will be required to sort out the logistics of the scoring system:


Big plans for 2014
Get in on the ground floor and find out everything the WJF plans on doing in 2014 at our WJF Black Ops Lunch-in at WJF 9.

Check out our new website, including all the info on WJF 9:

This is just a preliminary email to let you know the dates of WJF 9. More information will be forthcoming like gangbusters very soon including special guest and workshop info. In the meantime, take advantage of the all time lowest possible convention package price for WJF 9 before the end of September. Register now here:


or try this:


We’ve been uploading videos directly to Facebook regularly – come check out our page, like us, and catch these Facebook only videos when they’re fresh, warm and gooey.


See ya’llses soon!

Jason Garfield
World Juggling Federation

Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield, President of the World Juggling Federation