WJF Convention FAQ

Q: Why is the convention rate lower if I stay at the Rio?
A: We are obligated to fill rooms at the Rio in exchange for the use of the convention space. Having our attendees stay in the hotel is what enables us to to put on the convention. It’s a more enjoyable and hassle free experience to stay at the same hotel in which we hold our events. You don’t waste time and money commuting to the convention twice a day and you get to live with everyone else who’s attending the convention for the week. It’s a lot more fun that way and it helps make the convention possible.

Q: I have finals during the convention. Can you schedule my competition for the weekend?
A: Some competitions will be held on Thursday and Friday. Prelims will be on Wednesday. In the past, competitors have negotiated with their schools to take their finals early and then they get permission to leave early for the convention so they get to experience the full week of events. We have provided invitation letters to help solidify this request and as far as we know everyone who has tried has been successful. So think of this as an opportunity to motivation yourself to work hard on your schoolwork, ace your finals early, and then reward yourself with the most fun juggling vacation ever! Anyone who gets an A on their finals will receive the WJF “I aced my finals early so I could go to the convention” award.

Q: Do I have to compete to attend?
A: No, absolutely not. Many people attend just for the workshops and to watch amazing juggling and Major League Combat. It’s as much a spectator sport as it is an opportunity to learn from and meet the best jugglers in the world.

Q: Do I have to pay to attend if I’m just coming with my son/daughter and I personally will not be doing any juggling?
A: Yes, everyone who enters must pay the current rate to attend. Children 12 and under must be supervised by a paying adult. It doesn’t matter what you plan on doing once you’re inside the facility. We can’t monitor everyone and make sure they’re not juggling, and that would be silly. Plus there is more to the event than just practicing your own juggling. So the rule is simple. If you want or need to be in the facility, you also need to pay admission – like a movie theater or a children’s museum.

Q: Will you have equipment and DVDs available at the convention?
A: Yes, we will have plenty of PX3 clubs, balls, beanbags, rings, and WJF DVDs available for purchase at WJF 9.

Q: Do I have to wear shoes at the convention?
A: Yes. You also have to wear shoes in any other hotel in Las Vegas. It’s not the WJF policy because it’s the hotel’s policy.