December 2021 | Location to be determined

WJF 2021 Plans Stage 1

WJF 2021 Plans Stage 2

WJF 2021 Plans Stage 3

We are on a mission to raise $250,000 for WJF 16. With 12,000 Youtube subscribers, if each of you donated just $20.83, we would be there instantly! If you'd like to support WJF 16 with a minimum of $20.83, use the links below to show your support.

Everyone who donates will get their name and/or youtube account name listed on this page. Enter your name and youtube account name in the comments of the donation and include a high res picture. And if we reach $250,000 everyone who donated at least $20.83 ALSO will receive a free convention package for WJF 16!



If you want to join the WJF Team and help us coordinate our plans for WJF 16 and submission to the Olympics, apply here