WJF 11 November 5-8 | 2015 Las Vegas


WJF 11 is Coming to Fremont Street this November!

WJF 11 at SkillCon | November 5-8, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV

With a decade of events and fourteen ESPN programs under our belt, the WJF is continuing with WJF 11 this November 5-8 at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas right off of Fremont Street! And for the second year, we will be part of SkillCon. Registering for WJF 11 gives you access to SkillCon which will feature events for cornhole, cardistry, kendama, yo-yo, b-boy dancing, fencing, powerlifting, and of course juggling and combat juggling. More events soon to be revealed.

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In case you missed WJF 10 and didn’t see the ESPN broadcasts, they are both available on the WJF 10 DVD

We’ve uploaded a few sections from the programs to excite you about coming to WJF 11. Check them out:

2015 WJF 1v1 Combat Tournament

WJF 10 Advanced Endurance Competitions

WJF 10 Advanced Freestyle Competitions


$9000 in cash was raised for the prize money fund at WJF 10 in addition to an abundance of prizes. Thanks to the WJF’s kind supporters, we’ve awarded over $35,000 in cash to our competitors. And they need your support again this year to continue to amaze and astound us. If you’d like to donate to the prize money fund, please contact us at info@thewjf.com.


It is my pleasure to announce that of the many events taking place at SkillCon, Layne Norton, of BioLayne LLC, will be promoting the USAPL Wild West Showdown. He’ll also be holding seminars on training and nutrition, and a VIP training camp along with USA Powerlifting Head Coach Matt Gary on how to lift heavier, safer, and more effectively to get stronger and build more muscle.

Visit Layne’s event page for more info


To register for WJF 11 and SkillCon, please review all the info on this page, reserve your room at the Golden Nugget under our discounted rate, and then register for WJF 11. This year only WJF members may attend WJF 11, and members get in free. You can purchase your WJF membership here:

WJF 11

Registering to compete at WJF 11 comes with a WJF membership and admission to WJF 11.We’ve modified the requirements for the Advanced Overall Championship. The Advanced Overall Championship competitions now consist of the following:
Short programs for balls, rings, and clubs

Endurance for balls, rings and clubs (2 minutes per prop and number)

Freestyle for 5 ball, 7 balls, and 5 clubs (90 seconds per event, per competitor)

Please review all the competitor files here:
Routine forms and move databaseMusic Requirements

Uniform Requirements

Advanced Overall Championship

Junior Overall Championship

Intermediate Overall Championship

Beginners Competition

More info on competitors, workshops, shows, and more coming up soon. Register for WJF 11 now to be the first to receive updates and follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield, President of the World Juggling Federation